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MSeqDR Data Summary for the Term ENSG00000210049:
Ensembl Gene IDAssociated Gene NameLSDB GenesLSDB VariantsclinVar hitsEnsembl Gene IDEnsembl Transcript IDEnsembl Protein IDDescriptionChrGene StartGene EndStrandBandTranscript Start bpTranscript End bpAssociated Gene NameAssociated Transcript NameAssociated Gene DBAssociated Transcript DBTranscript countpct GC contentGene BiotypeTranscript BiotypeSource GeneSource TranscriptStatus geneStatus transcript EntrezGene IDHGNC IDHGNC SymbolRefSeq mRNASeq region id
ENSG00000210049 MSeqDR Search EnsemblMT-TF1277ENSG00000210049ENST00000387314mitochondrially encoded tRNA phenylalanine [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7481]M5776471577647MT-TFMT-TF-201HGNC SymbolHGNC transcript name140.85Mt_tRNAMt_tRNAinsdcinsdcKNOWNKNOWN45587481MT-TF100965601

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