MSeqDR Account Registration

Please do a quick registration at

Gbrowse account page

by clicking on its top right "Log in / create account"link.

Please do include your full name during registration, which will be needed for other users to communicate with you.

Your account now is created, the same user ID and password will be used throughout the whole MSeqDR website. You can further Update/Enhance account information at

Gbrowse needs further activation by clicking link in notice emails. When following the email instructions for account activation, Gbrowse may give false warning message, please keep on pressing the "submit" button and it will usually get your account activated.

If your account is created but you receive no Gbrowse activation email, your email provider maybe blocking our email server. Please notify me at Feedback page . Your new account is still working for MSeqDR site even without activation in Gbrowse, and we will manually activate your account for Gbrowse usage.

Or create account with your LinkedIn profile: create