MSeq-OpenCGA - A Big Genomic Data Analysis and Visualization Platform

 Step-by-step guide for new study and vcf submission:

 1. Create a new study:

    Login, this is required.

    Submit New Study.

           You may use the study "MSeq-OpenCGA Data Submission Tool in MSeqDR" as template, then follow the step-by-step work flow.

 2. Upload VCF and other supporting meta-description files to the new study:

    Browse Your Studies. Then upload VCF, HGVS and other supporting files at the "Upload" link.

   Optional: Submit de-identified patient information in LOVD , or Phenotips

 3. After study submission completed with all vcf files, please email to MSeqDR webmaster:  Lishuang Shen to discuss about processing your study into MSeq-OpenCGA ( .