Human Phenotype Ontology 
Parent Node:
Abnormality of the basal ganglia (HP:0002134)help
..Starting node
Basal ganglia necrosis (HP:0012128)help
Term ID:12128
Name:Basal ganglia necrosis
Definition:Death of cells in the basal ganglia.
& Disease (OMIM):
       Child Nodes:

 Sister Nodes: 
..expandAbnormal basal ganglia MRI signal intensity (HP:0012751) help
..expandAbnormality of the globus pallidus (HP:0002453) help
..expandAbnormality of the striatum (HP:0010994) help
..expandAbnormality of the substantia nigra (HP:0045007) help
..expandBasal ganglia calcification (HP:0002135) help
..expandBasal ganglia cysts (HP:0006799) help
..expandBasal ganglia gliosis (HP:0006999) help
..expandBilateral basal ganglia lesions (HP:0007146) help
..expandCavitation of the basal ganglia (HP:0007007) help
..expandHemiballismus (HP:0100248) help
..expandLarge basal ganglia (HP:0007048) help
..expandNeuronal loss in basal ganglia (HP:0200147) help
..expandSmall basal ganglia (HP:0012697) help
..expandSymmetric lesions of the basal ganglia (HP:0007039) help

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