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Abnormality of the tongue (HP:0000157)help
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Abnormal tongue morphology (HP:0030809)help
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Geographic tongue (HP:0025252)help
Term ID: 25252
Name: Geographic tongue
Synonym: Annulus migrans; Benign migratory glossitis; Glossitis areata exfoliativa; Lingual erythema migrans; Wandering rash of the tongue
Definition: An anomaly of the tongue characterized by loss (atrophy) of filiform papillae of the tongue, leaving areas of erythema (redness), surrounded by a serpiginous, white, hyperkeratotic border. The name geographic tongue refers to an appearance that is said to be similar to a map.
Reference: HP:0025252
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HP:0025252HP:0025252Geographic tongue0IL36RN CL E G H2652515561OMIM:614204PSORIASIS 14, PUSTULAR; PSORS1451

Genes (1) :IL36RN

Diseases (1) :OMIM:614204

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