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Grandparent Node:
Abnormality of skin morphology (HP:0011121)help
Parent Node:
Localized skin lesion (HP:0011355)help
..Starting node
Annular cutaneous lesion (HP:0025528)help
Term ID: 25528
Name: Annular cutaneous lesion
Definition: A lesion of the skin with a ring-like distribution.
Reference: HP:0025528
Genes and Diseases:
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 Sister Nodes: 
..expandAbnormal perifollicular morphology (HP:0031285) help
..expandAplasia/Hypoplasia of the skin (HP:0008065) help
..expandAtypical scarring of skin (HP:0000987) help
..expandCafe-au-lait spot (HP:0000957) help
..expandCapillary malformation (HP:0025104) help
..expandComedo (HP:0025249) help
..expandCutaneous cyst (HP:0025245) help
..expandHypopigmented skin patches (HP:0001053) help
..expandLichenoid skin lesion (HP:0031452) help
..expandMacule (HP:0012733) help
..expandMilia (HP:0001056) help
..expandMolluscoid pseudotumors (HP:0000993) help
..expandNevus (HP:0003764) help
..expandPapule (HP:0200034) help
..expandSerpiginous cutaneous lesion (HP:0025527) help
..expandSkin dimple (HP:0010781) help
..expandSkin erosion (HP:0200041) help
..expandSkin fissure (HP:0031057) help
..expandSkin nodule (HP:0200036) help
..expandSkin pit (HP:0100276) help
..expandSkin plaque (HP:0200035) help
..expandSkin tags (HP:0010609) help
..expandSkin ulcer (HP:0200042) help
..expandSkin vesicle (HP:0200037) help
..expandXanthomatosis (HP:0000991) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezHGNC IDDiseaseIdDiseaseNameFrequencyOnsetHGMD variantsClinVar variants
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:
HP:0025528HP:0025528Annular cutaneous lesion0LDHA CL E G H39396535ORPHA:284426Glycogen storage disease due to lactate dehydrogenase M-subunit deficiencyHP:0040282 - Frequent35
HP:0025528HP:0025528Annular cutaneous lesion0POMP CL E G H5137120330OMIM:618048Proteasome-Associated autoinflammatory syndrome 22

Genes (2) :LDHA POMP

Diseases (2) :ORPHA:284426 OMIM:618048

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