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Grandparent Node:
Abnormal anterior eye segment morphology (HP:0004328)help
Grandparent Node:
Abnormal uvea morphology (HP:0000553)help
Parent Node:
Abnormality iris morphology (HP:0000525)help
..Starting node
Iritis (HP:0001101)help
Term ID: 1101
Name: Iritis
Synonym: Inflammation of iris
Definition: Inflammation of the iris.
Reference: HP:0001101
Genes and Diseases:
       Child Nodes:

 Sister Nodes: 
..expandAbnormal iris pigmentation (HP:0008034) help
..expandAbnormal iris vasculature (HP:0007905) help
..expandAbnormal pupil morphology (HP:0000615) help
..expandAplasia/Hypoplasia of the iris (HP:0008053) help
..expandIridodonesis (HP:0100693) help
..expandIris atrophy (HP:0001089) help
..expandIris coloboma (HP:0000612) help
..expandIris cyst (HP:0011523) help
..expandIris flocculi (HP:0500007) help
..expandIris melanoma (HP:0011524) help
..expandIris nevus (HP:0011525) help
..expandLisch nodules (HP:0009737) help
..expandUveal ectropion (HP:0025358) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezHGNC IDDiseaseIdDiseaseNameFrequencyOnsetHGMD variantsClinVar variants
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:
HP:0001101HP:0001101Iritis0NOD2 CL E G H641275331OMIM:186580Blau syndrome187

Genes (1) :NOD2

Diseases (1) :OMIM:186580

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