MSeqDR has Tripled the LSDB Variants to 11,800 since UMDF 2017

MSeqDR Tripled the MSeqDR-LSDB Variants since Mitochondrial Medicine 2017

MSeqDR-LSDB Data Added:

8000+ Pathogenicity Assessed Variants , Total: 11,800

40 more Mitochondrial Diseases, complied from OMIM and other literature, Total: 225

20 more Mitochondrial Diseases Related Genes, Total 1607

LSDB Status

The LOVD back-end is updated to V.21 (April, 2018)

The results are presented at the Mitochondrial Medicine 2018, Nashville, TN

MSeqDR Tripled LSDB Variants since UMDF 2017

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Dr. Lishuang SHEN

Lishuang Shen MSeqDR WebMaster, Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist, Center for Personalized Medicine, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Email:,, Suite 300, 2100 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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