MSeqDR/ Tutorial at SIMD 2015


Thank you for joining the tutorial session and finishing the follow-up survey.

We are thrilled with the turnout and nice feedbacks.  

Over 70 clinicians, scientists and genetic counselors, from over worldwide institutes and hospitals, registered and attended the workshop.

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Thank you for your time and participation!


The team  


The participants at the Society of Inherited Metabolic Disease (SIMD) Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah are invited to to join us for a "FIRST-EVER" hands-on tutorial for MSeqDR/ and related matchmaker exchange tools.

Speaker: Dr. Marni Falk, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Location: Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah

Time: MONDAY 3/30/15 from 12:30-2PM.

The full address: 555 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

Via Genetics Inc. and Transgenomic Inc graciously provided a scholarship to cover the internet/lunch for participants.

We received encouraging responses from 71 participants for next Monday's MSeqDR Tutorial!

Please check back this page by Monday. We will post more information and resources here.

Participants please bring laptops to try complete a series of hands-on WEB-based exercises to gain familiarity with the MSeqDR suite of tools.

Questions include using MSeqDR GBrowse with mito-specific annotation fields to answer a query, to MSeqDR LOVD to both mine AND deposit variant data, as well as to mine their own "test" exome datasets that we will provide.

We would also help attendees to gain familiarity with using other Matchmaker Exchange tools, including GeneMatcher, and potentially, PhenomeCentral.

We will prepare printed "worksheet" with questions for attendees to work through independently, and we will serve as "guides" walking around to help as needed.


Final tutorial

Word , PDF , Web page.


Word Web page

This luncheon tutorial is the joint effort and financial support by:

MSeqDR   Genesis   SIMD
United Mitochodrial Disease Foundation   ViaGenetics   Transgenomic Inc.