Comparison of Two Lists

I. Import Two Lists and Compare

Input list 1:
Input list 2:

Lengthes of Input Lists 1 and 2 :0--0
Minimum length of qualified entries:    

Prefered input is list of entries, separated by comma, tab, or white space. Such separators will be stripped off. Entries shorter than limit above will be excluded. Comparison is case-insensitive. No text formatting needed. Please contact author (Lishuang Shen, for feedback.


II. Comparison Result

Summary of Comparison:
Subset_Criteria No_Probe_Sets Gene List
Present in Both Lists (AND)   0
Present in Either Lists (OR)   0
Unique to either List 1 or 2 (XOR)   0
Unique to List 1 (XOR2)   0
Unique to List 2 (XOR3)   0