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Abnormal fundus morphology (HP:0001098)help
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Abnormal uvea morphology (HP:0000553)help
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Abnormal choroid morphology (HP:0000610)help
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Birdshot choroidal lesions (HP:0030952)help
Term ID: 30952
Name: Birdshot choroidal lesions
Definition: Multiple cream-yellow colored hypopigmented choroidal anomalies whose size is approximately one quarter to one half of that of the optic disc, and whose location tends to cluster around the optic nerve radiating towards the periphery. The pattern of the lesions is said to be similar to gunshot spatter from birdshot.
Reference: HP:0030952
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..expandAbnormal chorioretinal morphology (HP:0000532) help
..expandAbnormal morphology of the choroidal vasculature (HP:0025568) help
..expandChoroidal nevus (HP:0025314) help
..expandChoroideremia (HP:0001139) help
..expandDark choroid (HP:0025148) help
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HP:0030952HP:0030952Birdshot choroidal lesions0 CL E G H

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