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Abnormal oblique muscle physiology (HP:0031739)help
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Abnormal inferior oblique muscle physiology (HP:0025596)help
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Inferior oblique muscle overaction (HP:0025599)help
Term ID: 25599
Name: Inferior oblique muscle overaction
Definition: A common ocular motility disorder characterized by vertical incomitance of the eyes in lateral gaze. In primary inferior oblique muscle overaction, an upshoot of the adducting eye occurs when gaze is directed into the field of action of the inferior oblique muscle, producing a greater upward excursion of the adducted eye than of the abducted eye.
Reference: HP:0025599
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..expandInferior oblique muscle weakness (HP:0025598) help
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HP:0025599HP:0025599Inferior oblique muscle overaction0 CL E G H

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