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Reduced tendon reflexes (HP:0001315)help
Parent Node:
Abnormality of jaw muscles (HP:0045037)help
Parent Node:
Hyporeflexia (HP:0001265)help
..Starting node
Jaw hyporeflexia (HP:0012392)help
Term ID: 12392
Name: Jaw hyporeflexia
Synonym: Mandibular hyporeflexia
Definition: Reduced intensity of muscle tendon reflexes in jaw.
Reference: HP:0012392
Genes and Diseases:
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..expandHyporeflexia of lower limbs (HP:0002600) help
..expandHyporeflexia of upper limbs (HP:0012391) help
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HP:0012392HP:0012392Jaw hyporeflexia0 CL E G H

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