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Grandparent Node:
Abnormal eye physiology (HP:0012373)help
Parent Node:
Glaucoma (HP:0000501)help
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Open angle glaucoma (HP:0012108)help
Term ID: 12108
Name: Open angle glaucoma
Synonym: Primary open angle glaucoma
Definition: A type of glaucoma defined by an open, normal appearing anterior chamber angle and raised intraocular pressure,
Reference: HP:0012108
Genes and Diseases:
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..expandAngle closure glaucoma (HP:0012109) help
..expandDevelopmental glaucoma (HP:0001087) help
..expandOcular hypertension (HP:0007906) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezDiseaseIdDiseaseNameDiseaseMIMConceptIDSourceTypical associationHGMD variantsClinVar variantsHGNC IDGeneMIM
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HP:0012108HP:0012108Open angle glaucoma0ASB10 CL E G H136371603383Glaucoma 1, open angle, F603383C1863926OMIM12617185615054
HP:0012108HP:0012108Open angle glaucoma0NTF4 CL E G H4909613100Glaucoma 1, open angle, O613100C2751294OMIM1108024162662
HP:0012108HP:0012108Open angle glaucoma0OPTN CL E G H10133137760Primary open angle glaucoma137760C0339573OMIM17217142602432
HP:0012108HP:0012108Open angle glaucoma0WDR36 CL E G H134430609887Glaucoma 1, open angle, G609887C1835933OMIM13630696609669
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:

Genes (4) :ASB10 NTF4 OPTN WDR36

Diseases (4) :603383 613100 137760 609887

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