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Abnormal nervous system physiology (HP:0012638)help
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Abnormal central sensory function (HP:0011730)help
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Impaired touch localization (HP:0011811)help
Term ID: 11811
Name: Impaired touch localization
Synonym: Impaired topognosis; Impaired touch localisation
Definition: A reduced ability to identify precisely the site of a touch. This test is usually carried out by asking a patient, whose eyes are closed or covered, to touch the same site with a fingertip.
Reference: HP:0011811
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..expandAgraphesthesia (HP:0011812) help
..expandAstereognosia (HP:0010527) help
..expandImpaired two-point discrimination (HP:0011810) help
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HP:0011811HP:0011811Impaired touch localization0 CL E G H

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