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Grandparent Node:
Abnormality of the lens (HP:0000517)help
Parent Node:
Cataract (HP:0000518)help
..Starting node
Progressive cataract (HP:0007834)help
Term ID: 7834
Name: Progressive cataract
Synonym: Cataract, progressive
Definition: A kind of cataract that progresses with age.
Reference: HP:0007834
Genes and Diseases:
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..expandAge-related cataract (HP:0011141) help
..expandCapsular cataract (HP:0100017) help
..expandChristmas tree cataract (HP:0025571) help
..expandDevelopmental cataract (HP:0000519) help
..expandJuvenile cataract (HP:0001118) help
..expandMembranous cataract (HP:0010922) help
..expandobsolete Total cataract (HP:0010700) help
..expandPolar cataract (HP:0010696) help
..expandPresenile cataracts (HP:0007819) help
..expandSubcapsular cataract (HP:0000523) help
..expandZonular cataract (HP:0010920) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezDiseaseIdDiseaseNameDiseaseMIMConceptIDSourceTypical associationHGMD variantsClinVar variantsHGNC IDGeneMIM
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HP:0007834HP:0007834Progressive cataract0BFSP2 CL E G H8419611597Cataract 12, multiple types611597C3808115OMIM17641041603212
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:
HP:0007834HP:0007834Progressive cataract0CRYAA CL E G H1409604219Cataract, autosomal dominant604219C1858679OMIM0271292388123580

Genes (2) :BFSP2 CRYAA

Diseases (2) :611597 604219

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