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Grandparent Node:
Abnormal conjunctiva morphology (HP:0000502)help
Grandparent Node:
Inflammatory abnormality of the eye (HP:0100533)help
Grandparent Node:
Red eye (HP:0025337)help
Parent Node:
Conjunctivitis (HP:0000509)help
..Starting node
Chronic irritative conjunctivitis (HP:0007717)help
Term ID: 7717
Name: Chronic irritative conjunctivitis
Definition: A chronic irritative conjunctivitis, which commonly presents with general irritation and redness of the eyes, with a burning, dry, or foreign-body sensation of the eyes.
Reference: HP:0007717
Genes and Diseases:
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..expandAllergic conjunctivitis (HP:0007879) help
..expandKeratoconjunctivitis (HP:0001096) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezDiseaseIdDiseaseNameDiseaseMIMConceptIDSourceTypical associationHGMD variantsClinVar variantsHGNC IDGeneMIM
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HP:0007717HP:0007717Chronic irritative conjunctivitis0PLG CL E G H534097231ORPHA1789071173350
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:
HP:0007717HP:0007717Chronic irritative conjunctivitis0TP63 CL E G H862669085ORPHA012815979603273

Genes (2) :PLG TP63

Diseases (2) :97231 69085

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