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Abnormality of skin adnexa morphology (HP:0011138)help
Parent Node:
Abnormality of the nail (HP:0001597)help
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Ragged cuticle (HP:0030808)help
Term ID: 30808
Name: Ragged cuticle
Definition: The cuticle (properly known as the eponychium, or the medial nail fold or the proximal nail fold), is the thickened layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails. Its function is to protect the area between the nail and epidermis from exposure to bacteria. This term refers to the presence of and irregular edge or outline of the cuticle.
Reference: HP:0030808
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..expandAbnormal fingernail morphology (HP:0001231) help
..expandAbnormal nail growth (HP:0030807) help
..expandAbnormal toenail morphology (HP:0008388) help
..expandAbnormality of nail color (HP:0100643) help
..expandAbnormality of the periungual region (HP:0100803) help
..expandAbnormality of the subungual region (HP:0009723) help
..expandAbsent lunula (HP:0030805) help
..expandAplasia/Hypoplasia of the nails (HP:0008386) help
..expandBeaked nails (HP:0030817) help
..expandChronic monilial nail infection (HP:0008396) help
..expandFragile nails (HP:0001808) help
..expandIngrown nail (HP:0012710) help
..expandNail bed hemorrhage (HP:0030254) help
..expandNail bed telangiectasia (HP:0001232) help
..expandNail dysplasia (HP:0002164) help
..expandNail dystrophy (HP:0008404) help
..expandNeoplasm of the nail (HP:0100826) help
..expandOnychogryposis (HP:0001805) help
..expandOnycholysis (HP:0001806) help
..expandPterygium of nails (HP:0002165) help
..expandPyramidal skinfold extending from the base to the top of the nails (HP:0009758) help
..expandRecurrent loss of toenails and fingernails (HP:0008390) help
..expandSki jump nail (HP:0030819) help
..expandThin nail (HP:0001816) help
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HP:0030808HP:0030808Ragged cuticle0 CL E G H

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