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Abnormal digit morphology (HP:0011297)help
Grandparent Node:
Abnormality of the hand (HP:0001155)help
Parent Node:
Abnormality of finger (HP:0001167)help
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Mallet finger (HP:0030771)help
Term ID: 30771
Name: Mallet finger
Definition: Mallet finger refers to a condition in which the end joint of a finger bends but will not straighten by itself. In this situation, the joint can be pushed straight but will not hold that position on its own.
Reference: HP:0030771
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..expandAbnormal 2nd finger morphology (HP:0004100) help
..expandAbnormal 3rd finger morphology (HP:0004150) help
..expandAbnormal 4th finger morphology (HP:0004188) help
..expandAbnormal 5th finger morphology (HP:0004207) help
..expandAbnormal finger flexion creases (HP:0006143) help
..expandAbnormal finger phalanx morphology (HP:0005918) help
..expandAbnormal fingertip morphology (HP:0001211) help
..expandAbnormal thumb morphology (HP:0001172) help
..expandAplasia/Hypoplasia of fingers (HP:0006265) help
..expandBroad finger (HP:0001500) help
..expandChilblains (HP:0009710) help
..expandCurved fingers (HP:0004095) help
..expandDeviation of finger (HP:0004097) help
..expandFinger dactylitis (HP:0031090) help
..expandFinger joint hypermobility (HP:0006094) help
..expandFinger swelling (HP:0025131) help
..expandLong fingers (HP:0100807) help
..expandMacrodactyly of finger (HP:0100746) help
..expandSlender finger (HP:0001238) help
..expandSpindle-shaped finger (HP:0031092) help
..expandSplayed fingers (HP:0030029) help
..expandSwan neck-like deformities of the fingers (HP:0006150) help
..expandTrident hand (HP:0004060) help
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HP:0030771HP:0030771Mallet finger0 CL E G H

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