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Abnormality of the skin (HP:0000951)help
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Abnormality of skin morphology (HP:0011121)help
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Ochronosis (HP:0030764)help
Term ID: 30764
Name: Ochronosis
Definition: Brown or blue-gray discoloration of the skin that can present on the axillary and inguinal areas, face, palms or soles. In addition, blue-black discoloration can be apparent on skin overlying cartilage in which the pigment is deposited, such as the ears. This is a characteristic manifestation of alkaptonuria, which is an autosomal recessively inherited deficiency of homogentisic acid oxidase that results in accumulation of homogentisic acid in collagenous structures. The sclerae are also typically involved.
Reference: HP:0030764
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..expandAbnormal blistering of the skin (HP:0008066) help
..expandAbnormal cutaneous collagen fibril morphology (HP:0031512) help
..expandAbnormal cutaneous elastic fiber morphology (HP:0025082) help
..expandAbnormal dermoepidermal junction morphology (HP:0031538) help
..expandAbnormal elasticity of skin (HP:0010647) help
..expandAbnormal epidermal morphology (HP:0011124) help
..expandAbnormality of skin pigmentation (HP:0001000) help
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..expandPallor (HP:0000980) help
..expandPoikiloderma (HP:0001029) help
..expandRegional abnormality of skin (HP:0011356) help
..expandStiff skin (HP:0030053) help
..expandThickened skin (HP:0001072) help
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HP:0030764HP:0030764Ochronosis0HGD CL E G H30814892OMIM:203500Alkaptonuria77

Genes (1) :HGD

Diseases (1) :OMIM:203500

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