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Grandparent Node:
Abnormality of the skeletal system (HP:0000924)help
Parent Node:
Abnormal skeletal morphology (HP:0011842)help
..Starting node
Abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology (HP:3000079)help
Term ID: 3000079
Name: Abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology
Synonym: Abnormality of mandible symphysis
Definition: A structural abnormality of a mandibular symphysis.
Reference: HP:3000079
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..expandAbnormal appendicular skeleton morphology (HP:0011844) help
..expandAbnormal axial skeleton morphology (HP:0009121) help
..expandAbnormal bone structure (HP:0003330) help
..expandAbnormal cartilage morphology (HP:0002763) help
..expandAbnormal growth plate morphology (HP:0025368) help
..expandAbnormal hyoid bone morphology (HP:3000052) help
..expandAbnormal joint morphology (HP:0001367) help
..expandAbnormal synovial bursa morphology (HP:0025231) help
..expandAbnormal tendon morphology (HP:0100261) help
..expandAplasia/hypoplasia involving the skeleton (HP:0009115) help
..expandDysostosis multiplex (HP:0000943) help
..expandHyperostosis (HP:0100774) help
..expandHyperplastic callus formation (HP:0030268) help
..expandNeoplasm of the skeletal system (HP:0010622) help
..expandobsolete Abnormality of cartilage morphology (HP:0410007) help
..expandSkeletal dysplasia (HP:0002652) help
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HP:3000079HP:3000079Abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology0 CL E G H

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