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Abnormal anterior eye segment morphology (HP:0004328)help
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Abnormal anterior chamber morphology (HP:0000593)help
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Anterior chamber cells (HP:0025560)help
Term ID: 25560
Name: Anterior chamber cells
Definition: Tiny deposits corresponding to cells floating in the anterior chamber of the eye. This appearance is typically associated with intraocular inflammation leading to breakdown of the blood-aqueous barrier and resulting in an increase in the number of cells and in the aqueous humor. Grading (SUN Working Group) is performed by estimating the number of cells in a 1 mm by 1 mm slit beam field, employing adequate light intensity and magnification on a slit lamp.
Reference: HP:0025560
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........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 1+ (HP:0025561) help
........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 0.5+ (HP:0025562) help
........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 0 (HP:0025563) help
........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 2+ (HP:0025564) help
........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 3+ (HP:0025565) help
........expandAnterior chamber cells grade 4+ (HP:0025566) help

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..expandShallow anterior chamber (HP:0000594) help
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HP:0025560HP:0025560Anterior chamber cells0 CL E G H
HP:0025560HP:0025560Anterior chamber cells1 CL E G H

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