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Abnormality of the respiratory system (HP:0002086)help
Parent Node:
Abnormal respiratory system physiology (HP:0002795)help
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Tracheal tug on inspiration (HP:0025008)help
Term ID: 25008
Name: Tracheal tug on inspiration
Definition: Downward movement of the trachea during inspiration due to downward traction on the tracheobronchial tree.
Reference: HP:0025008
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..expandAbnormal blood gas level (HP:0012415) help
..expandAbnormal breath sound (HP:0030829) help
..expandAbnormal bronchus physiology (HP:0025427) help
..expandAbnormal mucociliary clearance (HP:0031602) help
..expandAbnormal nasal mucus secretion (HP:0031416) help
..expandAbnormal pattern of respiration (HP:0002793) help
..expandAbnormal respiratory motile cilium physiology (HP:0012261) help
..expandAbnormal response to short acting pulmonary vasodilator (HP:0030893) help
..expandAbnormality of pulmonary circulation (HP:0030875) help
..expandAbnormality on pulmonary function testing (HP:0030878) help
..expandAirway obstruction (HP:0006536) help
..expandAspiration (HP:0002835) help
..expandAsthma (HP:0002099) help
..expandBreathing dysregulation (HP:0005957) help
..expandCough (HP:0012735) help
..expandCyanosis (HP:0000961) help
..expandDyspnea (HP:0002094) help
..expandobsolete Decreased pulmonary function (HP:0005952) help
..expandRecurrent singultus (HP:0100247) help
..expandReduced vital capacity (HP:0002792) help
..expandRespiratory insufficiency (HP:0002093) help
..expandRestrictive ventilatory defect (HP:0002091) help
..expandSneeze (HP:0025095) help
..expandSnoring (HP:0025267) help
..expandUpper airway obstruction (HP:0002781) help
..expandWeakness of muscles of respiration (HP:0004347) help
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HP:0025008HP:0025008Tracheal tug on inspiration0 CL E G H

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