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Abnormality iris morphology (HP:0000525)help
Parent Node:
Abnormal iris pigmentation (HP:0008034)help
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Iris pigment dispersion (HP:0012634)help
Term ID: 12634
Name: Iris pigment dispersion
Definition: Shedding of the pigment granules that normally adhere to the back of the iris into the aqueous humor.
Reference: HP:0012634
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..expandAsymmetry of iris pigmentation (HP:0200064) help
..expandBlue irides (HP:0000635) help
..expandBrushfield spots (HP:0001088) help
..expandIris hypopigmentation (HP:0007730) help
..expandIris transillumination defect (HP:0012805) help
..expandStellate iris (HP:0012775) help
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HP:0012634HP:0012634Iris pigment dispersion0 CL E G H

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