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Grandparent Node:
Abnormality of the pancreas (HP:0001732)help
Grandparent Node:
Neoplasm by anatomical site (HP:0011793)help
Parent Node:
Neoplasm of the pancreas (HP:0002894)help
..Starting node
Pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma (HP:0012142)help
Term ID: 12142
Name: Pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma
Synonym: Squamous cell carcinoma of the pancreas
Definition: A subtype of ductal pancreatic carcinoma that is thought to originate from squamous metaplasia of pancreatic ductal epithelium.
Reference: HP:0012142
Genes and Diseases:
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..expandPancreatic adenocarcinoma (HP:0006725) help
..expandPancreatic islet cell adenoma (HP:0008261) help
..expandPancreatoblastoma (HP:0100757) help
InputHPO IDHPO termDistanceGeneGene id entrezDiseaseIdDiseaseNameDiseaseMIMConceptIDSourceTypical associationHGMD variantsClinVar variantsHGNC IDGeneMIM
HPO disease - gene - phenotype typical associations:
HP:0012142HP:0012142Pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma0CDKN2A CL E G H1029606719Melanoma-pancreatic cancer syndrome606719C1838547OMIM12431787600160
HPO disease - gene - phenotype less frequent non-typical associations:
HP:0012142HP:0012142Pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma0BRD4 CL E G H23476443167ORPHA01013575608749
HP:0012142HP:0012142Pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma0NUTM1 CL E G H256646443167ORPHA0129919608963

Genes (3) :BRD4 CDKN2A NUTM1

Diseases (2) :443167 606719

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