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Abnormal nervous system physiology (HP:0012638)help
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Abnormal central sensory function (HP:0011730)help
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Impaired two-point discrimination (HP:0011810)help
Term ID: 11810
Name: Impaired two-point discrimination
Definition: A reduced ability to distinguish tactile sensations at points that are very close to one another. This can be tested by using special calipers whose points can be set from 2mm to several centimeters apart.
Reference: HP:0011810
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..expandAgraphesthesia (HP:0011812) help
..expandAstereognosia (HP:0010527) help
..expandImpaired touch localization (HP:0011811) help
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HP:0011810HP:0011810Impaired two-point discrimination0 CL E G H

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