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Mode of inheritance (HP:0000005)help
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obsolete Gonosomal inheritance (HP:0010985)help
Term ID: 10985
Name: obsolete Gonosomal inheritance
Reference: HP:0010985
Genes and Diseases:
       Child Nodes:
........expandX-linked inheritance (HP:0001417) help
................... HP:0001419 X-linked recessive inheritance
................... HP:0001423 X-linked dominant inheritance
........expandY-linked inheritance (HP:0001450) help

 Sister Nodes: 
..expandAutosomal dominant inheritance (HP:0000006) help
..expandAutosomal recessive inheritance (HP:0000007) help
..expandContiguous gene syndrome (HP:0001466) help
..expandGenetic anticipation (HP:0003743) help
..expandMitochondrial inheritance (HP:0001427) help
..expandMultifactorial inheritance (HP:0001426) help
..expandobsolete Familial predisposition (HP:0001472) help
..expandobsolete Heterogeneous (HP:0001425) help
..expandSomatic mutation (HP:0001428) help
..expandSporadic (HP:0003745) help
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HP:0010985HP:0010985obsolete Gonosomal inheritance0 CL E G H

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