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Abnormal conjugate eye movement (HP:0000549)help
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Strabismus (HP:0000486)help
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Monocular strabismus (HP:0010877)help
Term ID: 10877
Name: Monocular strabismus
Synonym: Unilateral strabismus
Definition: A type of strabismus in which the fixating eye is always the same one, while the other eye is constantly deviated. Monocular strabismus is to be distinguished from alternating strabismus, in which either of the eyes 'squints' at different times.
Reference: HP:0010877
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..expandConcomitant strabismus (HP:0025069) help
..expandCyclodeviation (HP:0025589) help
..expandEsodeviation (HP:0020045) help
..expandExodeviation (HP:0020049) help
..expandHyperdeviation (HP:0025587) help
..expandHypodeviation (HP:0025588) help
..expandIncomitant strabismus (HP:0025068) help
..expandMicrotropia (HP:0031724) help
..expandNeurogenic strabismus (HP:0031775) help
..expandobsolete Congenital strabismus (HP:0000487) help
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HP:0010877HP:0010877Monocular strabismus0 CL E G H

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