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  Most Studied  CPEO, Complex I Deficiency, COXPD1, Leigh, LHON, MELAS, MERRF, Myopathy, SANDO
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Parent Node:
Wounds and Injuries (D014947)
..Starting node
Multiple Trauma (D009104)

       Child Nodes:
........expandFractures, Multiple (D000069076)

 Sister Nodes: 
..expandAbdominal Injuries (D000007) Child4
..expandAmputation, Traumatic (D000673)
..expandArm Injuries (D001134) Child10
..expandAsphyxia (D001237)
..expandAthletic Injuries (D001265)
..expandBack Injuries (D019567) Child2
..expandBarotrauma (D001469) Child2
..expandBattered Child Syndrome (D001497)
..expandBirth Injuries (D001720) Child1
..expandBites and Stings (D001733) Child8
..expandBurns (D002056) Child6
..expandCold Injury (D000067390)
..expandContrecoup Injury (D056886)
..expandCrush Injuries (D000071576)
..expandDrowning (D004332) Child1
..expandElectric Injuries (D004556) Child3
..expandEsophageal Perforation (D004939) Child2
..expandExtravasation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Materials (D005119)
..expandForeign Bodies (D005547) Child8
..expandFractures, Bone (D050723) Child42
..expandFractures, Cartilage (D050724)
..expandFrostbite (D005627) Child2
..expandHand Injuries (D006230) Child1
..expandHeat Stress Disorders (D018882) Child3
..expandHip Injuries (D025981) Child3
..expandJoint Dislocations (D004204) Child16
..expandLacerations (D022125)
..expandLeg Injuries (D007869) Child15
..expandMicrotrauma, Physical (D000070617)
..expandMultiple Trauma (D009104)
..expandNasal Septal Perforation (D061270)
..expandNeck Injuries (D019838) Child1
..expandOccupational Injuries (D060051)
..expandRadiation Injuries (D011832) Child12
..expandRetropneumoperitoneum (D012188)
..expandRupture (D012421) Child6
..expandSelf Mutilation (D012652)
..expandShock, Traumatic (D012774) Child1
..expandShoulder Injuries (D000070599)
..expandSoft Tissue Injuries (D017695)
..expandSpinal Cord Injuries (D013119) Child3
..expandSprains and Strains (D013180) Child5
..expandSurgical Wound (D000072836)
..expandTendon Injuries (D013708) Child6
..expandThoracic Injuries (D013898) Child24
..expandTooth Injuries (D018677) Child3
..expandTrauma, Nervous System (D020196) Child73
..expandTympanic Membrane Perforation (D018058)
..expandVascular System Injuries (D057772)
..expandWar-Related Injuries (D000067398)
..expandWounds, Nonpenetrating (D014949) Child5
..expandWounds, Penetrating (D014950) Child7

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Term ID:8280
Name:Multiple Trauma
Definition:Multiple physical insults or injuries occurring simultaneously.
Alternative IDs:
Synonyms:Injuries, Multiple |Injury, Multiple |Multiple Injuries |Multiple Injury |Multiple Traumas |Multiple Wound |Multiple Wounds |Polytrauma |Polytraumas |Trauma, Multiple |Traumas, Multiple |Wound, Multiple |Wounds, Multiple
Slim Mappings:Wounds and injuries
Reference: MedGen: D009104
MeSH: D009104
Genes: OPA1;
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