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  Most Studied  CPEO, Complex I Deficiency, COXPD1, Leigh, LHON, MELAS, MERRF, Myopathy, SANDO
Term ID:6395
Name:Infratentorial Neoplasms
Definition:Intracranial tumors originating in the region of the brain inferior to the tentorium cerebelli, which contains the cerebellum, fourth ventricle, cerebellopontine angle, brain stem, and related structures. Primary tumors of this region are more frequent in children, and may present with ATAXIA; CRANIAL NERVE DISEASES; vomiting; HEADACHE; HYDROCEPHALUS; or other signs of neurologic dysfunction. Relatively frequent histologic subtypes include TERATOMA; MEDULLOBLASTOMA; GLIOBLASTOMA; ASTROCYTOMA; EPENDYMOMA; CRANIOPHARYNGIOMA; and choroid plexus papilloma (PAPILLOMA, CHOROID PLEXUS).
Alternative IDs:DO:DOID:4706
TreeNumbers:C04.588.614.250.195.411 |C10. |C10.551.240.250.400
Synonyms:Benign Infratentorial Neoplasm |Benign Infratentorial Neoplasms |Cancer, Infratentorial |Cancers, Infratentorial |Infratentorial Cancer |Infratentorial Cancers |Infratentorial Neoplasm |Infratentorial Neoplasm, Benign |Infratentorial Neoplasm, Malignant |Infraten
Slim Mappings:Cancer|Nervous system disease
Reference: MedGen: D015192
MeSH: D015192
Genes: DARS2;
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