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  Most Studied  CPEO, Complex I Deficiency, COXPD1, Leigh, LHON, MELAS, MERRF, Myopathy, SANDO
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Heart Diseases (D006331)
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Heart Valve Diseases (D006349)

       Child Nodes:
........expandAortic Valve Disease 1 (C563178) Child1
........expandAORTIC VALVE DISEASE 2 (OMIM:614823)
........expandAortic Valve Insufficiency (D001022)
........expandAortic Valve Stenosis (D001024) Child32  LSDB C:2
........expandBicuspid Aortic Valve (C562388)
........expandCardiac Valvular Defect, Developmental (C565882)
........expandDisproportionate Short Stature with Ptosis and Valvular Heart Lesions (C565094)
........expandHeart Valve Prolapse (D016127) Child12
........expandMitral Valve Insufficiency (D008944) Child3
........expandMitral Valve Stenosis (D008946)
........expandPulmonary Atresia (D018633) Child2
........expandPulmonary Valve Insufficiency (D011665)
........expandPulmonary Valve Stenosis (D011666) Child10
........expandStorm Syndrome (C566109)
........expandTricuspid Atresia (D018785) Child1
........expandTricuspid Valve Insufficiency (D014262)
........expandTricuspid Valve Stenosis (D014264)

 Sister Nodes: 
..expandArrhythmias, Cardiac (D001145) Child112
..expandCarcinoid Heart Disease (D002275)
..expandCardiac Conduction System Disease (D000075224)
..expandCardiac Output, High (D016534)
..expandCardiac Output, Low (D002303)
..expandCardiac Tamponade (D002305)
..expandCardiomegaly (D006332) Child46  LSDB C:2
..expandCardiomyopathies (D009202) Child124  LSDB C:8
..expandEndocarditis (D004696) Child3
..expandGangliosidosis, Generalized GM1, Type I, with Cardiac Involvement (C566895)
..expandGlycogen Storage Disease of Heart, Lethal Congenital (C564888)
..expandHeart Aneurysm (D006322)
..expandHeart Arrest (D006323) Child3
..expandHeart Defects, Congenital (D006330) Child285  LSDB C:1
..expandHeart Failure (D006333) Child5
..expandHeart Neoplasms (D006338) Child3
..expandHeart Rupture (D006341) Child2
..expandHeart Valve Diseases (D006349) Child76  LSDB C:2
..expandMyocardial Ischemia (D017202) Child28
..expandMyocardial Stunning (D017682)
..expandPericardial Effusion (D010490) Child1
..expandPericarditis (D010493) Child3
..expandPneumopericardium (D011026)
..expandPostpericardiotomy Syndrome (D011185)
..expandPulmonary Heart Disease (D011660)
..expandRheumatic Heart Disease (D012214)
..expandVentricular Dysfunction (D018754) Child4
..expandVentricular Outflow Obstruction (D014694) Child44  LSDB C:2
..expandYorifuji Okuno syndrome (C536714)

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Term ID:5422
Name:Heart Valve Diseases
Definition:Pathological conditions involving any of the various HEART VALVES and the associated structures (PAPILLARY MUSCLES and CHORDAE TENDINEAE).
Alternative IDs:DO:DOID:4079
Synonyms:Disease, Heart Valve |Diseases, Heart Valve |Diseases, Valvular Heart |Disease, Valvular Heart |Heart Diseases, Valvular |Heart Disease, Valvular |Heart Valve Disease |Valve Disease, Heart |Valve Diseases, Heart |Valvular Heart Disease |Valvular Heart Diseases
Slim Mappings:Cardiovascular disease
Reference: MedGen: D006349
MeSH: D006349
MSeqDR has 2 matches in descendants: 00419; 00482;  
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